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Thank you for using Millry's email services. We know that your email is important to you, and want you to have the best experience possible sending and receiving your email. We also know how annoying getting "Spam" in your Inbox can be. With this in mind, we have developed the following guidelines to assist you in adjusting the Spam settings for your Inbox. These settings will allow you to "white-list" emails that you want to receive, and "black-list" emails that you want to block. "White-listing" ensures that the emails you want to receive will go directly into your Inbox, keeping them from being trapped in your Spam folder, while "black-listing" will reduce the spam that actually makes it to your Inbox.

              Important Note: If you "black-list" an email address or a domain, the address will automatically be completely blocked by the filtering system and will not be delivered to your Inbox or Spam folder.

Personal Allow / Deny Address List in Webmail

1. First, log in to webmail (, using your Internet user name and password.

2. Next, click the "Options" icon.

3. Select "Spam Filters".

4. When you select the "Spam Filters" option, about half way down the screen, you will see the Personal Allow / Deny Address List section. This section gives you four options for filtering your email.


Changing Your Spam Settings

             Emails are thoroughly scanned by our filtering system and given a "Spam Score" that determines how your email is filtered. This score uses many techniques for identifying spam, such as looking at key words and phrases to assign emails a numeric value. For example, certain words such as "Mortgage", "Free Offer" and "Get Money Now" can give email a higher spam score, causing the email to be sent to the spam folder. By default, your spam filter is set to "5" because it catches most spam without blocking too many legitimate emails. However, this value can be increased or decreased to your preference b y following the instructions below:

1. On the "Spam Filter" setting page, under the "General Settings" header, choose your desired setting from the drop down menu of the box labeled "Spam Score". One (1) is very aggressive (this is not usually recommended as it will most likely block all email), and Ten (10) is very lenient (this setting will allow most spam to reach your Inbox).

Note: The lower the spam filter setting, the more emails will go into the spam folder. If the setting is too low, and legitimate emails (that should go in to your Inbox) are going in to your spam folder, you may want to "white-list" the legitimate email addresses and/or domains. See instructions under the section labeled "Personal Allow/Deny Address List" in this guide.

2. Once you have adjusted your settings, click "Save Settings" to save your changes. Note: This can be changed as often as needed.


Finding Your Spam Folder

If there is not a spam folder listed in your folder list, one can be created as follows:

1. Click on the "Folders" icon.

2.At the bottom of the page, there is a box that has the spam folder listed. Select the folder and click "Unsubscribe".

3. The box will then move to the right side of the screen. Click the "Subscribe" button.

4. Click the refresh button (the two spinning arrows) above the list of folders to refresh the folder list.

5. The "Spam" folder should now appear.

If you need assistance, or have any questions or comments,
please feel free to contact Technical Support at 1-888-428-8729.

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